Other LVN/LPN students, what is your program like? (m)

  1. I just started my LVN program here in California back in June (Well it started with A&P which we had to get through to move on)

    We started fundamentals on Sept 1st.

    I was just wondering how other LVN programs were structured and being taught. We were told that our school at this moment has a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX. That was good to hear. But there also seems to be a high drop rate. They start with 30 and the graduating class of 2005 (The class ahead of me) has only 11 peple left.

    We are at a Adult school and career institute. OF the 30 that we started with in A&P we have 29 still. Our A&P instructor said that this was the biggest class he ever sent over to the actual nursing side.

    We are in class 5 days a week. Our director told us she teaches us alot like the RN students get taught, which I am happy for. But I was wondering, do other LVN programs do Care plans, case studies, mind maps and things like this? We will have to do care plans, case studies, mind maps and many other things. Supposedly alot of the books we have are books that the local RN program students use. WE had to spend 1100.00 on books, among them Fundamentals, Med-Surg nursing, Maternal child health nursing, terminology, drug book, pharm books, med math books just to name a few. Others on documentation, care plans, diagnostic tests and so on. It's like 22 books for a years worth of school and frankly I am scared to death now! How is your school structured? Do you have to take Pharm as part of your program? WE can't start clinical until we pass pharm (For obvious reasons I know! LOL!) but they require us to have our clinical uniforms by the end of October, we start clinical Dec 12th.

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  3. by   JGLPN2BE
    Hi there! I started the LPN Program here in VA August 22nd. All I can say is I am totally overwhelmed right now. I am sooooooooooo stressed. I don't have any medical background and all of this stuff is just flying by me without landing first. We were given all of the paperwork expected for clinicals which start next Friday........OMGosh! It took 4 hours to go over it all once! I don't remember 1/2 of what was said! I do not feel like I am getting a lot out of my nursing lab. I have a really smart partner who I study with and that seems to be helping. I am doing great on the book tests but am really worried about clinicals. I just do not feel like I am going to know what to do. It is a lot harder than I ever dreamed it was going to be but I want it more than the world so I will just complain to you guys and keep smiling! Good-luck to you!