OT: I just found out I have shingles!

  1. This is my second time in 5 years, but I'm more prone (I suppose) because of my diabetes. My NP did give me some Vicodin for the pain, but they ain't doing much.

    Do you think I can blame it on my Human Bio professor, for putting so much stress on me because of our midterm? :chuckle

    Although I will say "YIPPPPPEEEE" because I did get an A+ on my exam. He graded them Wed night when we took them, and I got 102%, since I used more words than were in the word bank for our essay question. Whew! Now that my average is so high, he had made the second term paper optional, and I don't have to do it. Even if I got the max of 50 pts. on it, it won't affect my grade. Since it is almost finished, I will finish it and save it for possible use in a later class. That's okay to do, right? Since I would not have used it already, and I did do the work?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Sure - you're not re-using a paper - this is one that was never graded. Hope you feel better soon!
  4. by   girlfromtx
    That's amazing you got that high on your test! Last semester, I got shingles the first day of spring semester... the pain was so bad I thought I had appendicitis and couldn't concentrate on anything. So once again I think it's amazing you did so well on your test .