orientation today...

  1. Well the first half of it anyways...we did all the privacy law stuff and general this is the way it goes here stuff.

    The orientation to the actual classes is Monday morning - and then we go directly into starting a little bit of the course.

    They excepted a little over 300 students this semester. However, they said there were hundreds more that were turned down. (It is a diploma program - there aren't many nursing schools in Arkansas from what I can tell and it is real competitive here)
    It is the most they have ever excepted and theya re expecting it to bet he largest graduating class ever - however I (and the others who already have all the prereqs done will graduate a semester or two early)

    I am excoted - can't wait till Monday!
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  3. by   nursebucky
    We had orientation today. It was all day long and again on tomorrow. It was loaded with info.

    We start Aug 19th and we start clinicals in September. We chose the hospitals we want to go to today.

    It was really a wonderful feeling.
  4. by   Mariannsi
    I'm returning back to and they've just implemented a week's orientation...What the heck is going on? I guess things have changed in three years.

    Good Luck to all in school!

  5. by   det01
    Oh and they told us our grading scale

    94-100 = A

    85-94 = B

    77-84 = C

    I am not too worried about it. It just means I have to study and stay on top of things!
  6. by   Jen2
    We had our first orientation in June, and then we have another one on August 27th. Then the real stuff begins on Sept. 2nd.