1. Hi all!!!

    I had orientation last week for my first year of an hospital diploma program. They are so wonderful there, I almost feel that I am going to go into my first day of class (tomorrow) and they are all going to turn evil on me and it'll be like bizarro world or something. I am so very excited to start school!!! Has anyone else been EXTREMELY surprised at how nice their school seems. ll I heard about before was how awful it can be, so i prepared myself for the worst, but now I have a whole new outlook. I am soooo excited, I just had to share!!! Good luck to all of you first year new students!!!!
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  3. by   bedpan
    Actually I am in a bit different situation - I am in an LPN Program - But I heard how tough it was and how people would drop left and right

    Well it IS tough and some have dropped - but I love every single minute of it!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   bedpan
    and btw - I see this is your first post - Welcome to the boards bonjovi (jon bon is GREAT in concert btw!)
  5. by   bonjovigirl
    Thank you for the welcome. I am afraid that school will be brutal, but I feel that the support there may be helpful in making it through. I, as I am sure everyone in the same boat, am very excited about the challenge. Life is good.

    I have seen bon jovi in concert a few times, and loved every one. I convert everyone I take to a concert to being a real fan, they're so awesome live.
  6. by   GPatty
    Welcome to the board!