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  1. I just wonder where the best places to order nursing supplies online are. I recently ordered a bunch of stuff from allheart.com but it's been two weeks and I can't get anyone to reply to my emails and they don't have one single phone number to contact anyone, so I may have gotten screwed out of my money. But, I have to have the stuff for class so does anyone have any suggestions of a good reputable company online with fair prices? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   tookewlandy
    OHH GEEZ!!!! Thats all i can say about allheart as i had a very bad experience with them, but i bad mouthed them enough. But let me just say that alot of the problem i had is what you are having now.

    I ordered my stethoscope from steeles.com and got it 2 days after i ordered it normal delivery.This was after i finally got ahold of allheart and cancelled my order through them.Ohh and steeles was the cheapest place i found for a littman classic II

    as far as getting ahold of ALLHEART do what i did. Look up the number for there store in Los Angeles and they will give yo the number for who you need to call. Just go to some search engine online that has yellow pages and search for Allheart in LA. Thats what i had to do and i know a few other people on here had to do that as well.
  4. by   traumaQN
    My stethoscope is on back order, and I need it for lab next week, go figure.. yeah allheart!
  5. by   TRINI_RN
    try standris.com thety ship super fast.
  6. by   sweet tooth
    Great! I just ordered practically everything I need (including my steth)from allheart.
  7. by   sundaygirl
    Thanks, I will check out the other websites mentioned. Also, I got the number to allhearts LA store by a yellow pages search and I will be calling them Monday. I sincerely hope all you others who ordered from them get your stuff quickly and don't have to go through the waiting and wondering like I have. That being said, I will NEVER order from them again!
  8. by   srg4784
    I had the same problem I ordered a scrub watch and some nursemate shoes......that was about two weeks ago had not received an email back I sent 5 before I got a response, finally got my order cancelled b/c everything was on backorder. reddingmedical.com is very awesome if you need supplys, shoes Zappos.com is going

    Hope you get ur stuff!!!!
  9. by   papergirlRN

    Just wanted to second andy's steeles.com recommendation. I got my steth from them, shipping and all, for cheaper than my nursing school could get with the bulk discount from 3M Littmann. It arrived in 3 days. Affordable prices, fast shipping. I recommend them, too!

    ~And thank you, tookewlandy!~
  10. by   tjrmfam4
    I would also like to add that Allheart.com and jascouniforms.com are terrible!! I ordered my scope 2 weeks ago and sent an email to find out the status. They did not reply until 3 days later to tell me my order had been cancelled. There is no way to call them..or at least they make it very difficult...and they do not return emails promptly either.

    I immediately went and called steeles and a rep answered the phone. He talked to me about scopes for almost 25 minutes, he was informative, nice, and willing to help. He told me that Allheart AND Jasco are now the same company and are NOT a medical device company...simply scrubs, and therefore do not keep medical equipment in stock. He said that steeles gets so many rushed orders b/c of the problems customers have with allheart. I ordered a Littmann Cardio III on a Thursday and he said I would have it by the following Wed...with engraving!

    Bottom line...do NOT order from Allheart or Jasco!!!
  11. by   User123456
    I have purchased tons of scrubs from allheart with no problem but i got my shoes and scope locally. I know where to shop if i want a scope online now. thank you ladies!
  12. by   86toronado
    Just wanted to add that I've never worked with allheart, but if you're looking for an online retailer: Lydia's.com has great customer service, and unbelievably fast shipping, both from their website, and from their catalog.
  13. by   shrimpchips
    try www.reddingmedical.com - super fast shipping!