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  1. This Fall quarter I am taking Med-surg online. I am a good student and no problem with motivation. and I email my instructors constantly anyway. I thought this would alleviate some pressure. I have three children and this way I wouldn't have to go to lectures and only show up for clinicals, and check offs. Has anyone taken any online nursing classes? I would love to hear some imput!
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  3. by   crnasomeday
    I've taken a few classes that were mostly on WEB-CT. For all of them, we still had class occasionally, and we had to go in to test-out and for exams. Still, I really like the online work. It saves me from having to drag my butt to campus all the time. It's good that you're a motivated student though, because I've seen plenty of people get themselves buried under work that they put off until everything comes due all at once. You shouldn't have any trouble though if you're organized and keep up with everything. Good luck to you, and be blessed!
  4. by   brgolden
    Hello, I'm a mother also and I have went back to school after 25 years and it is really hard I have also taken online courses I think it takes a lot of pressure of and being in class all the time ,I think I can also study better and concentrate better. I was wondering where did you find online courses? I am getting ready to take a 129 Med/Sur class and wondered if it was offered online but couldnt find anything, Thanks & Goodluck!!
  5. by   jjbaby
    I am currently taking Med/Surg online for second year RN program. I love it, it gives me additional time with my family and less drive time. I only go in for clinicals and Exams are proctored on campus. Other than that I am online. It gives me lots more freedom to do other things.
    I work full time and have 3 kids and it certainly helps.
    You are right though they are not for everyone, you must be motivated and not a procrastinator. We usually have a couple of case studys to do on the web site, and there are practice quizzes for each test, and there are lecture notes we can print out. It works well for me and I am almost done. (Graduate in March)
    Good Luck and enjoy the "extra" time......JJ
  6. by   EyesForward
    I LOVED my online courses. So far I've taken Chemistry, A&P 1, and A&P II, and next semester I will take Nutrition. I learn well by sitting alone with a text book and instructor notes. I cannot stand to sit in a long class with an instructor who rambles on and on, wasting my time, and I like not having to drive to the campus. I'd take as many online courses as I could, and if you are successful try the CLEP exams as well. They are a time saver, and a money saver as well! I successfully clepped Socioloty and Human Growth and Devlopment. Beware, just because you are home studying does not mean the expectations are lower. The tests require study to pass.