On pins and needles

  1. Hi everyone...I just need to vent for a little bit to get rid of some of my anxiety. I was on Spring Break last week and returned to get a letter from the nursing program I hoped to enter in the Fall telling me they did not receive my transcript and to contact them immediately. Well, since I was out of town, I missed the opportunity and now they are on Spring Break this week so it will be many days before I will get to speak with them. I cannot figure out why they did not get all of my info and am freaking out that I won't be considered since we are way past the deadline date and right upon the announcement date. I don't understand why they did not contact me sooner so that I could rectify the situation. I really feel like it is the admission's office error and that i should still be considered! I won't know until Monday.....if I can wait that long!

    Anyhow, thanks for letting me vent because you guys are the only ones that understand how this situation can put you over the edge
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  3. by   subec
    Hey carlalogan---what school did you apply to?
  4. by   carlalogan
    I applied to TWU's Dallas campus.
  5. by   subec
    I did also, and they are also missing one of my transcripts. I have a friend that is attending there now, and she said that as long as they have a file started on you then you are o.k. to get them something they are missing. Also, I have heard that TWU is notorious for losing stuff.

    Good luck---did you also apply to UTA? I did, and my interview is next week. I'm very nervous.
  6. by   pixiestudent
    That is such a bummer!!!! I hope that everything works out!!!! I know that I would freak out!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!
  7. by   carlalogan
    Hi subec!

    Thanks so much for the info...i am not glad to hear they lost your transcript too but I am glad to hear that it is not uncommon because I know that I got all of my stuff in on time! I sure hope your friend is right so that I can relax a little. They lost my friend's transcript who is going into the dental program there...and they let her in past the deadline, but that's the dental program so maybe it would be different.

    I didn't apply anywhere else, like a dummy, so now I just wait until Monday morning and hope. Email me if you go to TWU so I can look for you in the fall...if i'm there

    Gook luck in your interview! Just breathe!
  8. by   jedijennie
    Ah, transcript turmoil...get this: I've been in a nursing program since August, and when I went to see my stupid advisor a few weeks ago to make sure I'm on track to graduate, she informed me that the school is missing a transcript and she can't do an eval untill they have it! I was like, "wait a minute, I've been in this program for what, 8 months, and you don't even know if I'm qualified to be here?" She replied something like it's the students responsibilty to turn them in, blah blah blah. I was thinking, then whose responsibility is it to make sure I've taken nursing pre-reqs???? AHHHHHH

    So yes, I've been there. I hate transcripts. They should just make some national database of students transcripts that they can just pull up on their pc instead of losing all these paper copies.