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:uhoh21: I'M GOING TO NURSE SCHOOL! :uhoh21: For the past month or so I have been visiting these sites getting all excited about the prospect of going to nursing school. Then I got my letter and I... Read More

  1. by   mariedoreen
    Oh my gosh, that is me exactly! Pushing towards this goal forever! Seriously, years and years, full steam ahead never slowing down, one term after another, test after test after test knowing that if I didn't ace practically every test and class I wasn't going to have a high enough GPA to compete for entry and then FINALLY I wake up and realize, OMG I DID IT!!! and then right after, OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE?!!! lol, I start in September.. I hope everything goes well!

    Quote from enfermeraSG
    I am so glad that I am not alone in having my little anxiety attack! I have been working towards this for soooo long - had another career first(paramedic) , got married, had some kids, you know. So why do I feel freaked out? I think it's because I have been pushing towards this goal full steam, and now that I am beginning (finally) in August - reality hits. I've been trudging along all these years thinking of my light at the end of the tunnel, well, now I'm almost there! cold feet! No really, it's just hard to work so hard and long at something and finally get it. Hope it was all worth it! SG
  2. by   suzy253
    I started nursing school in August of 2003 and I remember feeling the same way when I was accepted. I was even starting to get nervous when I applied....and found out that there were close to 1,000 applicants.....I figured no way they're going to accept a then 49-year old into the program with only 50 openings. Needless to say, I was thrilled to learn I was accepted. It was such an honor for me. Anyway, that excitement was short-lived as panic soon set in. Second guessing myself, what am I doing, what am I in for, I've been out of school since 1971, etc. etc. But it is amazing what I have learned in just one year and am quite proud of myself as I'm sure you all will be as well. But the panic and nervousness is totally normal. You'll soon settle into the routine. Try to enjoy yourself too. I'm going to start my junior year in August. I'm enjoying my break, although I am taking 3 summer courses but I do look forward to going back to the nursing courses. It goes by very very fast, believe me.

    Best of luck to everyone.