Old Nursing Students From Miami Dade College Please Help!!!!!

  1. Hi all......I recieved a letter from mdc-medical asking me to go in two weeks for a information session about the program.I was really happy, until i read: " This letter is not notification of admission to the program"

    Did u guys got this letter when u were selected? please help!!!!! They do not want to give me info@ mdc, they say they don't know if yes or no!!!:angryfire

    Thank you
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  3. by   Tamara CST
    Hello VICTO3841,

    I am not an old student, I am waiting to receive my letter for the transitional (bridge) nursing program @ MDC. I went through a nursing skills lab with a few people who knew that they had already been accepted. They received letters similar to yours but I am unsure if that was issued to them before or after they knew they were accepted. I never thought to ask because I didn't think that MDC would waste the time and resources sending out letters to people that would not be in the program. I did manage to find out from them that the information session was for a whole day from 8am to 4:30pm. If your letter is similiar to that then maybe you got in and someone sent out these letters before sending out the acceptance letters!!!! If it is different, maybe it's just a general info sessions for all the people looking to go to MDC for the nursing program. Does it specify who may or may not attend????

    Also, I am not sure if you are taking the transitional (bridge) route, but if you are and you submitted your application before August 3rd a few changes occurred. Maybe that's what the information session is about???
  4. by   akspudus
    Miami Dade College partners with Baptist Memorial and Jackson Memorial Hospitals to offer a "scholars program". These programs offer full scholarships as well as stiffens for books and uniforms. The are highly competitive to get into.
    Currently I am a nursing student at Miami Dade College. I started this fall. I got the same letter last June...and had the same questions you have. Since the application time frame for these programs is longer (they look at a lot more than GPA) they need invite the prospective students with information about the programs sooner rather than later.
    When I went, they told us that we are not yet accepted into the program.....but.....here is all of the information for applying for a scholars program. The very next thing said was "have all this stuff filled out, all the letters of recommendations, essay..etc..etc....so that when you get your acceptance letter....you can submit it immediately).

    So...the long and the short of it is......if you get a letter for a "special mandatory information session" you are pretty much accepted.
    Not sure why they do it this way....but that's just they way they are. You should get an acceptance letter in a few weeks. I got mine in mid June for the class that started in August.

    Good luck...
    Hope to see you on campus.

  5. by   nenalablue
    New nursing student MDC 2008 scholar program please hellp ?????
    I just came back from orientation sesion at MDC on Jackson and Baptist scholarship. Is there anyone out there that has done one of these programs and could give me some feed back. Please help me so I can make a good decision for my future.
  6. by   olofin1
    I have seen your comments in a lot of the forums and I really think you are a person that likes to help people feel better, I am a applicant for the 2009 genetic fall semester and all of us still waiting, we don't have any information about the mandatory information session or the letters, do you have any news regarding the cut off GPA for this semester that can make me feel a little less anxious. Thank you for your help in advance.