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I went and talked with the couselor yesterday and found out if I get a Liberal Studies associates degree from Rose then I can skip the foreign language reqs for the BSN degree- I am sooo happy cause... Read More

  1. by   Cynthiann
    Originally posted by Just_wondering
    Hi everyone,

    I talked to the nurse director today at Rose State, Rebecca Ray. She is very nice, and very easy to talk to.

    She said that this last class that graduated scored higher (she didn't say how much higher) than 90 percent (pass rate), because they had just gotten new updated info. She also told me that the beginning track only has about 20 people, but once you get into the nursing process 3 and 4 there are about 40 people in those classes. In addition, she said out of 40 people, usually 5 or 6 don't make it through. That's really cool. I'm definetly interested in applying to their program.

    She asked where I work now, and am I considering getting certified to be a cna. She told me I will recieve 2 points because I work for the state health department .

    I'd really love to talk to some of the girls in the advanced portion of the nursing program.

    She told me to come back and talk to her when I'm ready to apply.

    Cynthiann, maybe it wouldn't hurt for you to talk to her, so she can kinda put your face with your name. She's very sweet, and doesn't mind answering questions. She's in the Environmental health sciences building in room 204.


    If you don't attend next Thursday, I'll post how it went and all the details.

    My hubby and I will probably go to the medieval fair this weekend. I have to work tomorrow, and I don't get off until 5:00.

    That's a big relief to hear that the last class's pass rate was above 90%. Thanks for checking up on that. I guess I should go talk to her but I don't have to much to ask her. I could ask her for her advice on what class I should take this summer because now I'm thinking that if I get accepted to the program that I should just go ahead and do either A&P or Micro to get it out of the way. The first semester of nursing school is 11 credits and it will be tough to add 4 credits on top of that.

    Wish I could go to the open house but I have classes and 1 exam that day. Whoever goes please post everything you learn from it, if I don't get into Rose I will probably try to apply there.

    About nutrition, Reynolds is the teacher I had last semester and the same teacher for the guy I mentioned. I think you're right Marilyn, that she's the only one doing nutrition.

    Where is the medevial fair? I haven't heard anything about it, what do they have there?

    You guys can call me Cynthia, I just add the n's as a user name because it combines my first and middle name.
  2. by   Rootbear76
    Cynthia; Marilyn,

    I'll be attending the pre-nursing seminar. I'll will keep you guys posted and tell all the details if either of you are unable to attend.

    I was SO relieved to hear that the pass rate was higher than 90%. Rebecca was *VERY* excited to tell me the updated pass rate, because she had *just* gotten the new report in, a little bit before I got there.

    Here's some more info about the medevial fair:



    Thanks to you I'm looking forward to the anatomy class! I think anatomy, physiology, and chemistry will all be VERY interesting! I'm glad you started that thread on college chemistry, it helped relief my pre-chemistry jitters...LOL!

    I suggest that both of you guys go talk to Rebecca. Think of something....ANYthing.. to ask her. It always helps to see someone personally instead of a piece of paper! It'll be informative if nothing else!

    I want to get certified to becoma a CNA this summer but I don't have time. I work 40 hours, 9 hours of school, I have to study, and find time to jog and lift weights 3x's a week...LOL. I need MORE HOURS in my day!!!

    You guys have a good weekend!

  3. by   Cynthiann
    I just called up to the nursing department to set up an appointment with Rebecca. Her appointment book wasn't there so I'm supposed to call back on Monday to set it up.

    I want to take anatomy too but if I do I would have to take physiology, chem, and micro all before next fall- that is if I get in the program. If I don't get in then I'll have time to take it all. I'm so confused on what to take this summer since I won't know if I'll get into nursing school for at least another month.

    Vonda, you were talking about lifting weights and jogging, which I do too. Where do you workout at? I workout at All American on Air Depot, I though it would be cool if you did too, maybe I can have a workout partner. I don't have any friends who are into lifting weights like I am.

    Got to go get ready, we might be taking my son to celebration station, haven't decided definitely yet, it was his 3rd birthday yesterday.
  4. by   Rootbear76

    I'm glad you made that appointment!! I think everything is gonna work out great for you!

    I work out at All American too! I go to the Quail Creek All American off of May ave.

    I want to lose a "little" bit more weight. I'm 5'3" and 3/4 (I might as well say 5'4"..LOL) and I usually weight in between about 138-140, but I NEED to be about 125 for my height, plus I'm small-boned too and my clothes fit better (I gain weight in the middle). The weights help though because NOBODY would ever guess I'm close to 140!!..LOL. I won a teddybear at Six Flags because they guessed 13 pounds under my weight and they're supposed to stay within five pounds...LOL!

    That would cool to work out! I usually go by myself when I lift too. My mom (her name is Cynthia too ) lifts *faithfully* but her schedule varies so much. She lifts twice a week whenever she can get to the gym...lol. Just PM me and let me know when!