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  1. hi all! i live in ri and go to rhode island college. let me give you a little background before my question: i have 75 college credits, and my pre-nursing courses that i have taken are: 8 credits of chemistry, 6 credits of psych, 8 credits of a&p, 3 credits dosage calc, 3 credits intro to health careers, 4 credits general biology. i also have lots of english and all that other gen ed stuff finished, just need to take microbiology. my overall gpa is a 3.28 right now, with a science gpa of about 3.2....
    my school and schools all around me are extremely difficult to get into, and i am worried i will not get to start nursing classes in january. other students have been rejected 2 or more times, even with a decent gpa like mine. so, i am thinking of applying to ocu...but need assistance in what other courses i should take that are required pre reqs. the site doesnt really state what is a prereq and what is a gened, so i was slightly confused. i am just so ready to start clinicals and get on with my career....i would be willing to move halfway across the country to do this. any help or recommendations would be great!!!!
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  3. by   Katy-NursingStudent
    They accept anyone into their nursing program as long as u r willing to pay the OUTRAGEOUS $730 per credit hour.
  4. by   picurn10
    what I've heard (I looked into going before choosing a different route) is that it's a good, but hard program. The caution I was given is that they have a high attrition rate because they accept basically anyone willing to pay, but start weeding people out before graduation. I just know for me it was too much of a gamble with the $40k price tag. If I wound up not finishing for some reason, I would be really in a jam with that bill over my head.
    Have you considered the LPN to RN route? This is what I ultimately decided to do, rather than wait to get in to RN school. In my area, you can apply to the RN programs in your 2nd semester of LPN and start right on your RN after graduation. So I graduate with my LPN in June and start RN school in Aug.
    The other huge advantage is that because so few people go this route, I've been told by all the schools I'm looking at that I'll be basically promised a spot anywhere I want to go. So that is wonderful because if I went the traditional RN route, I was basically going to go anywhere that would take me, but this way I get to choose where I want to go. I just join the class in the 3rd semester so it takes the same amount of time as traditional RN, minus the potential wait time of getting started.
    Also, I'll be able to work as a nurse while in RN school and almost all of the hospitals in my area hire LPN's and pay for you to get your RN. So again, that's a great advantage.
    I was still unsure about this route until just before school started, but now that I'm in I'm so excited I chose to do it this way. For me it was a far better option than risking OCU or waiting it out until I got in to a 2-yr RN program. Just thought I'd share this option!
  5. by   Katy-NursingStudent
    I am thinking about doing the lpn-rn route, what LPN school are you going to?
  6. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    Oh wow....that's an old post of mine. I'm going into my second semester of nursing school (BSN) soon! Thanks for you responses guys, but that post is ancient!
  7. by   laura06baby
    where did you end up going?
  8. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    I stayed in my home state and I go to Rhode Island College. Hopefully graduating December 2010!