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Yesterday, I did two chapters of my Nursing Fundamentals study guide. Today I did the objectives for this week, all 35 of them. I did all the objectives for this week's Pharmacology and opened up... Read More

  1. by   Catma63
    I had to come back and report.
    Today I took my second nursing fundamentals exam and scored an 88.
    After talking about my study habits to my nursing instructor, she suggested I switch some of my habits around....like actually studying the harder stuff after my kids go to bed, doing the easier stuff while they're up. Anyhoo, that's what I did. I've managed to acquire good quality time instead of quantity time (which was doing me little good).
    Today when I went in, I refused to look at my study notes again. I put earplugs in my ears and took my time. I was second to the last to leave the classroom after completing the test. We reviewed it after a break and I missed 6. While I would have preferred to have missed none of them I'm glad to see my understanding of the material has deepened and I'm encouraged...very encouraged.
    Oh, and thanks for the suggestions of the book and the magazine. Now that I have titles I'm going to do a quick online shop search and see how fast I can get them! Haha
    Thanks again!