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Hey fellow A&P students, we saw the body!! Wow, it was not as bad as I had thought it would be. I found it pretty interesting really. The lungs were smaller than I thought, ie. they were not... Read More

  1. by   StudentSandra
    Shelia, we had one of the cadavers for 15 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, some people donate their bodies in exchange for medical treatment at Med schools.
  2. by   obeyacts2
    We have cadavers for our program. The main male cadaver is 22 yrs old, and is very interesting.....he died of an MI and he has paddle burns onhis chest...also staples in his sternum from prior ht surgery. The female cadver we use is usuaally face down because she has "great spine and shoulder blades" My main issue is that there are no cadavers for the female reproductive system as "all our female cadavers are hysterectomized"

    BTW to deal with the raunchy smell, keep a small container of Vicks in your pocket, put under nose before you deal with the cadavers. Tip from my MIL, who used to work ER.

  3. by   KAYfutureLPN
    oh man. I am not sure if I am looking forward to disection or not! I know it's going to be such a great learning experience but the closest thing to examining something dead I've came across was poking a dead toad with a stick.
  4. by   angelbear
    Does anyone know how one goes about donating their body? I know it may sound morbid but I am serios.
  5. by   ladytopaz
    My cousin passed away last June and donated her body to Wright State Medical School. The family did not pay for anything. When they are finished doing what ever they do with the body, they notify the family that the body has been cremated. Then once or twice a year they hold a memorial service for the families. They have a beautiful cemetary where all the bodies (ashes) are buried, with plaques for their names. As far as paying for for a body for schools? Never heard of such a thing....
  6. by   tabbeycatt
    Originally posted by tatianamik
    An ER nurse here in town a few years ago got fired after allowing someone to bring in a primate (I can't remember if it was a gorrilla, orangutange, chimpanze, or what) into the ER because it wasn't breathing and starting CPR on the animal.

    How sad. (for the nurse and primate) I'm a big animal lover so I would have more than likely done the same thing.

    Someone should have petitioned for her job back. She became a nurse to save lives.... whether it be a human life or animal life... makes no difference. God created us both!