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  1. Does anyone know a good resource (preferably a website) that has good nursing diagnoses and interventions for OB?

    I am on my OB rotation and my care plan book is awesome, except it has nothing in it for OB.

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  3. by   Daytonite
    nope! you're not going to find any websites that i know of that have nursing diagnoses and interventions for any kind of care plans that are free. there are at least two care plan books that i know of that are specific to ob. i have one of them and it is getting outdated:
    • maternal/newborn plans of care: guidelines for individual care, 3rd edition, by marilynn e. doenges and mary frances moorhouse. $46.95
    and the other is
    • delmar's maternal-infant nursing care plans, 2nd edition, by karla l. luxner, donna j. phinney. $73.95
    i also have a little handbook that is the clinical companion to foundations of maternal-newborn nursing, 4th edition, by sharon smith murray and emily sloane mckinney that i use for reference and only cost me about twenty bucks. it has the etiology, signs and symptoms and nursing considerations of things that occur in ob/newborn nursing, but doesn't list out any specific nursing diagnoses.

    however, if you understand how to find a nursing diagnosis once you know your patient's signs and symptoms, determining the nursing diagnosis is merely a formality. this is why i am always stressing the importance of knowing the steps of the nursing process and how you choose a nursing diagnosis in the first place when i answer care plan questions. basically what you are looking for is the language to use in customizing your nursing diagnostic statements on these care plans to ob patients. the problems, however, except for breastfeeding and perhaps a few things that are done with newborns, are not entirely unique to other problems that can occur in other patients. remember that nursing diagnoses are based upon the patient's symptoms. you are still going to be using many of the same nursing diagnoses that you used for medical/surgical patients with the exception that the etiologies (related factors) will be different because they will be due to the pregnant condition.

    the first time you are in your clinicals, ask the unit secretary if she can give you blank copies of some of the care plans they use on the ob/l&d/nursery/postpartum units so you have them for reference. also, look (and ask) around these units to see what kind of references the nurses have to work with to help them with care plans

    some ob websites that are pretty good are:
  4. by   Daytonite
    here are a few more links: