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I have been reading a novel by an author named P.D. James. It is called "Shroud for a Nightengale." It is a mystery that takes place in a nursing school in England. The first person murdered is a... Read More

  1. by   RNIAM
    Hi, as far as I know we can't do anything invasive on each other. Not too sure though. We get to practice injections on oranges but that is all I know for sure.
  2. by   NurseShell
    We don't do ANYTHING invasive on each other since OSHA put a stop to it. We only do assessment stuff to each other. Which sucks in a way because that means the first NG insertion we do will be on a REAL pt.!!!! Poor pt!!!! The dummies we use are no where near "reality" in that department. One of my pt's had an order to d/c NG and of course my instructor had me ask if she minded if other's "observed" me doing this...poor lady she was FREAKED!!! "you mean you've never done this before?" It went ok and she didn't have any problems - even complemented me that it "wasn't that bad". However, it sucks to have to "test our skills" on real pts!!