Nursing School Orientation. What to wear!? - page 2

Hey all :) Orientation for new nursing students is on Tuesday at my school. I don't know how to dress! How did you and others at your school's orientation dress? Is it okay to wear a nice top... Read More

  1. by   puresass
    i wore jeans, cute shirt & flats to my orientation. that seemed to be pretty much the norm. i didn't notice anyone dressed on the business side of business casual, but that probably varies from program to program (i'm starting an ADN program at a CC). i'd say just wear something that makes you feel comfortable & confident. good luck!
  2. by   dawnmich
    perfect timing to find this post...thanks
  3. by   mamayogibear
    I decided to wear some business casual clothes, a pair of dress pants and a cute but suitable shirt. That was the common theme of what other students were wearing. Except one girl showed up late and was wearing short shorts and a revealing tank top, everyone stared at her for a while... There were a few people who showed up in their scrubs which I did not think was appropriate because we were not yet students there.
  4. by   IUstudent
    business casual
  5. by   Streamline2010
    Wear sensible shoes, because they might hike you all over the darned place and you'll need to wear something good for going up / down stairs and extensive walking on concrete floors.
  6. by   studentnursepupmom
    My orientation was today, and yesterday I went out and bought an "orientation" outfit (totally unnecessary, but I'll find any reason to shop!). I wore a casual dress and flats and a brought a cardigan in case it was cold, which it was! FREEZING!!!
  7. by   LadyinScrubs
    Orientation - is this at a school or at a facility? When we had school orientation, people dressed in various outfits. When we orientated at the facility, we followed the school's guidelines--which may require the nursing uniform or business attire.