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  1. Hi Everyone! I'm curious to know if any of you had to do an interview to get into nursing school. The school I am applying at does an interview during the selection process, and i have no idea what to expect. I know they give you an essay to write during the interview about WHY you want to be a nurse, which is fine, I can handle that no problem, but what kinds of questions would they ask me? I'm a self-confident person and am sure of my self speaking with people, but it makes me so nervous to think if I didn't come across right ot them they might not select me. Any ideas of what to expect? TIA!
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    I wanted to add this is the selection criteria for the program, so the interview weights just as heavily as my GPA.

    Interview 40 points
    Writing Sample 5 points
    GPA 40 points
    Math and Science Courses Completed 6 points
    General Education Courses Completed 4 points
    Tennessee Resident 5 points
    =100 points
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    Check out this link- it's FULL of practice questions and advice! Wonderful thread

    Interview questions
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    Thank you so much!!!
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    I had to do an interview with the DON at my school. It was really just like a job interview, just a bit more in depth. I wore a business suit, carried a portfolio, prepared questions, etc. I have done a lot of interviews though in business settings so I was pretty comfortable. A lot of colleges offer interview prep classes, maybe you could attend one if you are not too familiar with interviews.

    The best advice I can give is to be professional, upbeat, but most importantly be yourself. You are essentially selling yourself to them but they will know how to spot a fake. I am sure you will do just fine and remember getting butterflies before an interview is normal. Good luck!
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    We had a group interview for one of the nursing programs I applied to. There were 4 interviewers (director of programs, professors, etc.) and there were 5 of us being interviewed at a time. We had to dress professionally and each group got different questions. For my group, they asked what we'd want to see in a nurse, where we see ourselves in 5 or 10 years, an example of a time when we were a disappointment to ourselves or a parent/teacher, an example of a time when we had to deal with conflict, and why they should choose us for this program.
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    Didn't have an interview at my school, We have a VERY competitive point system. Students now have to 4.0 everything and have some points earned from work experience to get in. From what I have seen I would like to see an interview included for some reasons and excluded for other reasons. My school will SOON have to figure something else out as everyone collides once again when they are all getting 4.0's. Problems I think that may exist with interview are; discrimination as the human element is involved, someone who would be a good nurse could possibly get turned away because they may rub the interviewer wrong; they may look odd; etc
    Some reasons I would like to see a good interview process; weed out those who are just there for a job and are antisocial and are not compassionate;
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    For me, I think it's a good thing we have interviews, my GPA isn't perfect b/c of a few classes I did poorly in years ago, so I think I can do well in an interview. So I'm actually thrilled they do it this way. The school I wanted to go to, I can't even get on a waiting list b/c my GPA and ACT score isn't perfect, they don't consider anyone unless they have a 25 ACT and 3.8 GPA.
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    Tips for nursing interview
    First of all, show up ON TIME
    show up neat, clean, conservatively dressed, and hygienic
    prepare beforehand for your nursing school admissions interview