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:chuckle I guess that being in nursing school has definately taught me one thing. I NEVER want to be sick or hospitalized. Simply because I don't want any of my classmates taking care of me. ... Read More

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    I am now having a flashback of my mother, who would chuckle politely at a joke, leave the table, and go do the dishes.......20 minutes and 5 topics later....

    she's hysterical with laughter....


    sure...bedroom athlete, right??? BWWAHHHHAHAHAHA
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    Originally posted by MsPurp
    As for our school, these people get accepted because they look at their academic profile... number of classes completed and successful credits attained, score on ACT, cumulative GPA, GPA in science courses... there are no entrance interviews. Basically, if a person can score above a 20 on the ACT and has a 2.5 or above, they are fair game for entering the program.
    The 'weeding out' phase comes later.
    That is how our school is also. It is sad because they only take 20 students a year, and when these people get into the spaces, there are others more qualified that don't. We had one that started with us last fall, that during our first clinical rotation almost drove the rest of us crazy. She was never ontime, looked like she had slept in her uniform and never wore her name tag. It really made it hard on the rest of us students, because All of the nurses on the floor couldn't stand her, because she acted like she knew everything, but was always wrong. Several of the Floor nurses dreaded seeing her come on the floor because of her attitude and lack of respect for them. It made it difficult for the rest of us to earn thier repect because they disliked her so much and I guess they assumed that we were all like her. We all felt sure that she would not make it thru the 1st semester, but she did. 2nd semester started and she was back to her usual self and a bunch of decided to talk to her nicely and tell her that the way she was acting was really causing her to make enemies at the Hospital and in our class. Her response to us was, and I Quote " The chances of any of you ever being my supervisor is very slim, so I don't care who I make enemies with" We were all shocked at her response. ( I know, we shouldn't have been caue we already knew how stupid she was) From that point on we all refused to help her do anything, If there was something that her patient needed doing that required 2 people, We would rather team up with each other and do it verses working with her. Lucky for us, half way thru the 2nd clinical rotation, she disappeared off of the floor and did not let the instructor know where she was, and was gone for almost an hour. So to our Excitment, she was dismissed from our program. I would normally never wish something bad to happen to someone, but with people like her, I would never want her to care for me or my family members.
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    These accounts are very..............VERY.........scary!!!!!!!!
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    Hey Tammy~
    We had one almost EXACTLY like that in our class...(wonder if she moved?)
    We still have a few that I wouldn't want working on me or anyone of mine. Some that are so scared to touch a patient that they'd stand and watch the patient die before touching them to help because someone wasn't there to tell them what to do...
    Can't think of a certain episode right off hand, but they are rediculous some times...