Nursing school alternative loans with bad credit

  1. Hello! I have been a lurker for a couple of years, I love coming to this site. Everyone is so helpful.

    I start nursing school June 11, 2007-yippee! However, due to a misunderstanding, I don't have all the loans I need. I have all the federal loans I qualify for but I now have to find an alternative loan for a large amount. My credit is horrible and I don't have a co-signer. I have already applied a few places and been denied. Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   srg4784
    Try Sallie Mae, or loans through your school. I don't have great credit either I had to get both subsidized and unsubsidized and then a small private loan. As long as you have a job and fair credit with Sallie Mae you won't need a cosigner if you do the "tuition answer" loan for students.
  4. by   Lovely_RN
    Speak to a financial aid officer at your school...they may be able to do an override and get you the loan you need.
  5. by   KellieNurse06
    I know one! I have horrible credit due to my daughters illness 3 years ago (she almost died, so I didn't care about my bills...they'd still be there....) I have a hard time getting any credit...can't even get a contract cell phone due to it .....that bad...... I got approved for a car loan through Capitol One......they actually sent me a blank check...can go up to 16,000, nonce it's signed by the car dealer then that's when my loan goes into affect, it is legit I made go on Capitol Ones site, maybe they can help you? There's always Stafford Loans......I am doing U of P's online BSN starting in 2 weeks & I am getting loans through the Stafford program.....good luck!