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  1. Is it hard to transferring nursing schools during your junior year?
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  3. by   Esme12
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    YES! Most nursing programs will not accept other programs curriculum. What has happened that you ask?
  4. by   emily5310
    It depends. I transfered my junior year as well. It really depends on how well the curriculums for both schools classes match up. If there is even the slightest difference, most times the credits for classes won't be accepted.
  5. by   jazhao
    Well I am currently attending a nursing program at SIUE but my parents live in New York and they want me to transfer because they think attending a nursing program in New York will give me a better chance at finding a job than a college at Illinois
  6. by   emily5310
    I went New York for college then decided to go back to my home in Maryland for college. It mainly depends on closeness of curriculums. You could always ask the school you wish to transfer to if they can look at your transcript of courses you have already taken and see what transfers. Also you could take the nclex exam in your own state as well. At my old college in NY, we could take the nclex there or sign up to take it back in our home states that way we would be certified nurses in whatever state we wanted to be certified in. Maybe try talking to an advisor of both schools and see what the best bet would be.

    Sometimes it is best to stay where you are to get certified, then see what you need to do to have your certification changed to a different state.

    For me, I can say most my nursing courses did not transfer, but the prerequisites did. Sometimes the course could transfer, but because of clinical it would not transfer over. Clinicals, for some reason, do not transfer well because it hard to judge them.
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  7. by   jazhao
    The courses I am transferring for nursing classes arw development of human lifespan, pathophysiology, fundamentals of nursing and professional role of a nurse