Nursing Pay

  1. Is the nursing salary good your first year? If not when did it get higher for you? After how many years of working as a nurse?

    I am from TEXAS.
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  3. by   HouTx
    Salaries are variable, even within the state - depending upon many factors. In our state right now, Houston metro area seems to have the highest salaries for BSN grads. TMC hospitals are reportedly offering ~ $30 per hour. Other area systems are apparently coming in at ~ $26-$28. It's largely driven by supply and demand, so areas with a better supply of qualified new grads will be paying less.

    Keep in mind that nursing is associated with long-standing salary compression. Staff nurse salaries tend to plateau at around 5 years. Annual "increases" in healthcare have averaged 3% for the last several years.... and this doesn't even keep up with inflation.
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  5. by   EDRN1
    Totally depends on your location. Come to northern California salary will be way over 100k. There are tons of nurses who travel out here from texas or south and end up staying. Check it out