Nursing Leadership Seminar Topic, anyone?

  1. hi! i'm a 4th year nursing student and i would like to ask for your opinion on what's the best or good nursing leadership and management topics that ought to be discussed in our seminar next year? we will be inviting a guest speaker and we would ask her/him to discuss our chosen topic (provided that she/he agrees, of course)...or it could also be something that nurses will be able to use for self-improvement such as stress management and the likes...please help! i need your creative juices! thanks!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    I've seen a number of posts on the other forums about team nursing. It seems to have made it's way back into the working world of acute hospitals again. That might be something you might ask a speaker to talk about. If not that, then what the working situation for acute hospital RNs will be for the future and some of the problems RN leaders will have to face.

    One of the biggest problems I faced as a new manager and supervisor was assertiveness training and practice. How do you get it? I was left having to deal with this by myself on the job. Dealing with difficult people is not an easy task, particularly when you don't know exactly where to go for resources.
  4. by   llg
    I have developed a career success curriculum that I use for my nursing student extern program. My feedback from the externs (students) is that they don't get that information in school and that it is very helpful.

    Topics within that curriculum include things like "how to learn from your experiences," "reality shock," "how to choose and be selected for a job," "how to succeed on the job," "how to get along with your coworkers," "career paths in nursing," etc.

    I am always surprised how little most students know about the work world and the process necessary for succeeding in a career and planning/developing a long term satisfying nursing career.

    2 other topics high on my priority list are:
    1. How to work with people from different generations
    2. Horizontal hostility / relational violence in the workplace
  5. by   EmerNurse
    I always thought "Assertiveness and Communication" would have been a good topic. Much of what a new grad goes through in the first few months is directly related to a lack of knowledge of how to approach folks, stand up for yourself and meld into the unit. Much of that melding has to do with communication techniques (not ALL - some units ARE just toxic). But might be a good thought.
  6. by   jov
    how about "Making Mistakes in a Culture of Blame: How to Live With Yourself in the Aftermath"
  7. by   whitelady888
    thank you so much for your your fast responses! i really appreciate your help! thank you, thank you!