Nursing I is over, and I feel like I'm detoxing............. - page 2

:lol2: Wow, now that Nursing I is over and I have a one month break before Nursing II starts, I am soooooooooo happy. But, I feel as though I am detoxing from burning the candle at both ends for 4... Read More

  1. by   tutored
    I realized that it was actually causing me more stress to try to slow down, that it was so read up on the textbook readings for the next class. (now before you throw up and think I'm a nut job, hear me out!)....see, studying is SO MUCH MORE STRESS-FREE when it's voluntary! In other words, it's your idea, you don't have to, and you can put it down whenever you want. And you WILL put the book down and screw around on a much-deserved break, but it will come to you when you are ready. Go ahead and start some readings for the next class, then see you happy you are when you know you can put the book down whenever you want! try it
  2. by   Brigi23
    Thanks you guys are great! I always thought I was some sort of freak too for not relaxing, my husband is always saying it is over just relax!!! This is actually the first in between semester break I have taken where I really have not even glimpsed into any nsg books. I got a spa package, and I am going to get 4 hrs of pampering. AHHHH!!!
  3. by   nursekatie22
    Got news for'll probably feel like that at the end of every semester/quarter you finish! Just make the most of your free time and even though you may not want to, set aside an hour or two to brush up on things (including math--that's what I always had to do!) cause it helps. Just relax a lot and SLEEP! :zzzzz