Nursing Dx For Heart Patients

  1. Ok if a patient was getting a heart transplant Can I use

    risk for infection for a patient that have received a heart transplant? Can I also use pain?
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  3. by   kahumai
    Any time a patient comes back from surgery, you can always use r/f infection and pain. I would also add r/f injury r/t decreased cardiac output, r/f impaired tissue perfusion, or deficient knowledge.

    My teachers are always big on safety and deficient knowledge for everything!
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    The way our instructors are, they want the most IMPORTANT diagnosis so if i were assignd to this pt., the ones i'd use would be Risk for Infection, Risk for Ineffective Tissue Perfussion, Risk for Injury, and Pain.
  5. by   Born2BAnurse
    thanks everyone
  6. by   tsu_girl82
    I think the number one diagnosis would be decreased cardiac output-its always a biggie for heart patients-i just did a process paper over it