Nursing diagnosis re: adolescent sex

  1. Hello all!

    I am working on an assignment to come up with a nursing diagnosis related to sex and an adolescent/teenage girl. It is for a "class guide" question and is a fictional case.

    The relevant basics of the situation are 16 year old asain girl with burns on her hands from grease splatter while working at Mc Donalds. Professional parents, lives in suburban single family home, Junior in high school, above average student, active in clubs and sports, has her drivers license. Dating a 17 yr old boy for 6 months. They have engaged in sexual exploration but not intercourse. She really likes the BF but he has told her that he won't go out with her anymore if she doesn't "act like a woman".

    I have come up with 10 other nursing diagnoses in regard to the burns, infection, pain, skin integrity, self care deficits, mobility, self esteem, and ROM problems..........but really feel there is one somewhere related to the BF and his pressure for sex.

    I just can't come up with one that fits perfectly. I can't find the rationale or R/T factors that fit with sexual dysfunction, ineffective sexuality patterns.............the case isn't specific enough for a knowledge deficit- it doesn't say what her knowledge is on sex- it just states the facts of the situation. I'm thinking there is teaching somewhere related to sex- in giving in to peer pressure, STD's/pregnancy, personal values, etc. but I just can't put this one together.

    I think this would be an important teaching opportunity in the real world to an adolescent girl.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to wrap my brain around this and work thru forming a diagnosis?
    Thank you in advance!!

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  3. by   Tharem
    Role-confusion r/t peer pressure aeb boyfriend pressuring toward sexual activity?
  4. by   Daytonite
    the appropriate diagnosis would be ineffective role performance r/t unrealistic role expectations aeb boyfriend who told her that he wouldn't go out with her anymore if she didn't "act like a woman" [this is harassment and bullying] . otherwise, i might consider using one of the wellness diagnoses: readiness for enhanced decision making or readiness for enhanced knowledge (becoming sexual active).
  5. by   kellyc034
    You guys rock!

    Thank you! And also thanks for explaining "why"!

  6. by   Daytonite
    it dawned on me that harrasment and bullying are defining characteristics of the nursing diagnosis powerlessness. here are links to a webpages on it: [color=#3366ff]powerlessness and

    the diagnosis would be powerlessness r/t interpersonal interaction aeb fear of loss of the affections of her boyfriend who told her that he wouldn't go out with her anymore if she didn't "act like a woman".