Nursing Care

  1. Yes i have a paragraph due about describing the nursing care of the laboring client from admission throught stage 3 of labor. And i was wondering if i can get a little help just to start it off.
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  3. by   Christian_SN
    i graduated a year ago and work in labor and delivery ... here is some things u need to know...
    edd - due date from ultrasound or period,
    any problems with this preg or any other,
    any abx -spont or induced,
    drugs, smoke, sex,
    anxiety, sickle cell trait,
    father incar, homeless, money to care for infant, adoption - for social service consult. bleeding vag, discharge, std/s and labs to prove. pain management - iv pain med or epidural. allerg, fever, sick lately,

    teaching and education is a HUGE part of labor and delivery. teaching from epidural to breathing, pushing, care also includes the strip and monitors. but always pt first including fetus. anyway, goodluck, hope that i helped in some way.
  4. by   Daytonite
    lot of information on this website. the links to the various pages are around the globe in the middle of their banner: