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  1. I was in the bookstore today picking up a chemistry book (I am testing out). I thought I would looking at the nursing books just to see what they looked like. So I went over to Nursing 111 and found a huge book. Then I noticed it was #5 of 13!!! There were 13 books for the one 6 credit hour class! WHOA! am i in or a shock? HOw much were your nursing books?
    I would think a lot of these books would be good for 2 years of classes. Some were little pocket books and a medical dictionary. I was just in shock.
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  3. by   abbythetabby
    First semster was the most expensive...around $800 if you bought everything, though I skipped anything that wasn't essential and it was about $500. The following semesters have been around $200-$300. Buying used textbooks can help keep prices down a lot.
  4. by   NaomieRN
    I spent less than $200 so far the first semester. I got a PDA, so I sold back my nursing diagnosis book and my drug guide book. I spent $61 Potter and Perry, $38 on Medical Surgical Med, $67 Pharmacology, Math Calculation $18, Nursing Implications $7, used on, later edition, since I got a PDA.