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Hello everyone it has been a very long time since I last submitted a thread. I guess my question is ... are there many of you students out there who returned to nursing school in your forties? I... Read More

  1. by   abigailk
    I'm 54 and will graduate in December of this year. I'm in the top half of my class and am actually not studying as much as I should. My age is an asset. Also, social security doesn't give me full benefits until 66 or 67, I figure there's at least 10-11 years of RN salary to be made as well as the satisfaction of doing a job I'm proud of. It's never too late.
    As to costs, there are a million scholarships and grant programs out there. Check and see if your hospital has any education assistance, or if the localWomen's Clubs have scholarships. Tylenol has scholarships available, for example.
    Most of all, don't give up! The people that have failed in our class were the ones that either didn't try at all or who gave up.
  2. by   Paleobug
    I am 43 myself. One good thing about this field is that I'm finding that many people are middle age or older going into nursing. There are a lot of other fields that only want to hire young kids out of college and not older people. I've heard of nurses working into their 80s.

    Also, like other people said, many hospitals have scholorship programs for nursing students, and the only requirement is acceptance to a nursing program and promising to work for that hospital upon graduation.
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