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What's your personality (any: MBTI, Big 5, StrengthsFinder) and how do you see your personality interfacing with nurse culture some day? For MBTI I would be an ENFP. Big 5, top characteristic is... Read More

  1. by   urfuturenurse1
    I'm an INTJ. I'm thinking of specializing in brain trauma someday...Still beating bushes to get in the RN program?😄
  2. by   urfuturenurse1
    I either fall INTP or INTJ. 😂
  3. by   AliNajaCat
    Quote from PsychGuy
    INTJ here.

    I think we're <1% of the pop so I guess we don't really fit in. I like information and being in charge. Always have. I picked my specialty for three reasons one being I have an office to myself to do what I want in. I picked my employer because I am unmanaged.

    Although I'm in psych, I am generally unconcerned with people's feelings knowing humans are resilient.

    "Big picture" medicine is what I pursue.

    I'm a fantastic administrator but not so great of a supervisor.

    I can carry on a conversation with anyone, a learned trait, but I prefer to not talk. I'd treat patients by email if I could get away with it.

    -ologies interest me more than practice. The tedium of research precludes me from such a career path. Success is uncelebrated.

    Time is more valuable to money (although financial planning is a hobby) and the more of the former to pursue my very narrow range of interests is what I dub "a rich life."

    My wife used to say my bachelor's apartment looked like a serial killer lived there - spotless and nothing personal.
    You had me until the last sentence. My office always looks like a tornado has been through recently-- but I can always find anything I need whenever I need it. And my house is loaded with memorabilia, inherited furniture and other heirlooms, and books. And cats.

    I love the idea of picking your specialty and employer. I was once in a training class and they asked us to tell the group what we would say to our bosses if we could. "Leave me alone and let me do my job" came blurting out of my mouth. Better that I work for myself.
  4. by   sala1128
    Fellow ENFP here,

    I am a Med/surg nurse and have been in med surg for 4 years i loved the variety of pts and conditions i got to see and i loved interacting with pts and family members as well as coworkers. i am about to transition to being a Labor and Delivery RN and I AM VERY EXCITED about this ( its always been a interest since before nursing school). I am still trying to figure out were i fit in with a nursing specialty as i am planning on going back to school for a Masters degree and its been hard trying to pick a program i am debating between Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified Nurse Midwife, or Adult Gerontology Primary Care.

    Honestly for me its all in the doing. I find that if i think about what i want to do i come up with so many reason for and against and it leaves me stuck.

    I am very interested in personalities in Nursing as i have recently forwarded the 16personality test to my whole nursing unit!

    I would love some feed back specific to personality type and nursing specialties.