Nurses Rally in DC scheduled for May 6th

  1. Nurses Rally in DC scheduled for May 6th
    Campaign fights for safe nurse-to-patient staffing

    This event is organized by the national RN-only labor union- the UAN - and 6 other healthcare labor unions of the AFL-CIO, representing RNs, LPNs, and healthcare workers. Its part of our national campaign to fight for safe staffing and is geared to focus attention on passing much-needed federal legislation for safe nurse-to-patient staffing standards. All RNs, LPNs, student nurses, and interested healthcare workers (members and non-members), and anybody who might ever be a pt, are invited to participate:

    America Needs Safe Staffing--Stat!

    The nation's hospitals are dangerously short-staffed. When overworked nurses are responsible for too many patients, they worry about providing safe and effective care.

    Inadequate staffing is jeopardizing quality patient care and driving experienced, committed nurses from their profession. Safe staffing can save lives--and AFL-CIO Nurses are working together to make our hospitals safer.

    Across the country, safe staffing standards have been the top priority for nurses and their unions, who have waged campaigns for safe staffing legislation in more than 15 states.

    Now, half a million nurses from seven of these unions have joined together in the fight for safe staffing, forming the AFL-CIO Nurses: A United Voice for Safe Staffing. The national AFL-CIO Nurses Campaign kicks off with nurse-activist activities during Nurses Week all across the nation.

    Nurses Week: During National Nurses Week, May 4 -10, the AFL-CIO Nurses, AFL-CIO unions and nurses will hold meetings with lawmakers, join together in rallies and host other events across the country to build support for state legislations to set safe staffing levels and restrict mandatory overtime in hospitals.

    Nurses Day Rally in Washington, D.C.: On May 6, 2003, nurses from across the nation will take their demands for safe staffing and quality patient care to Congress. The results of a national public opinion survey about the effects of the nurse staffing crisis on patient care will also be released at this time.

    All are invited to join in the May 4 -10 rallies, meetings with lawmakers and other actions across the country, and the special lobbying day in Washington, D.C., on Nurses Day, May 6.

    see below:
    AFL-CIO Nurses Reform Agenda.
    Who we are.
    Action tools.
    AFL-CIO Nurses: a united voice for safe staffing.

    AFL-CIO Nurses Reform Agenda

    Half a million nurses from AFL-CIO unions have launched a national campaign for safe staffing standards. Why? Because:

    * We want quality care for patients.
    * We want to keep trained, experienced nurses in hospitals.
    * We want hospitals to employ enough registered nurses to care for critically ill patients.
    * We need safe staffing legislation.

    The nation's nurse shortage is acute. In 2001, hospital facilities operated with 126,000 fewer nurses than they needed for safe staffing, according to the American Hospital Association. There are 500,000 licensed registered nurses in this country who are not working in patient care even though they are qualified to do so. Surveys show the majority of the nurses who left direct patient care give inadequate staffing as the reason. Meanwhile, evidence supports what front-line nurses know all too well: Low staffing levels are compromising patient safety.

    In 2002, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations issued a report confirming understaffing as a contributing factor in 24 percent of all accidental patient deaths and injuries in hospitals. Adequate staffing levels have proven to save lives. Nursing professor Linda Aiken and her colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania found that when a hospital decreases a registered nurse's patient load from eight patients to four, the risk that a surgical patient will die within 30 days is decreased by 31 percent.

    Inadequate staffing is unacceptable. It is endangering patients' lives; it is driving nurses from health care.

    There is ample research to establish minimum nurse staffing levels for hospitals. Therefore, for patients and for nurses, America needs safe staffing ratios, NOW.

    Who We Are:
    We are half a million AFL-CIO Nurses - unionized nurses of 7 different AFL-CIO unions. We work in hospitals around the country and have come together to push state and federal laws that limit the number of patients assigned to a nurse. We want quality care for patients. We want to keep trained, experienced nurses in hospitals--and that's why we have a reform agenda to ensure that our lawmakers make safe staffing a priority.

    Action Tools available
    Talking points for safe staffing.
    Safe staffing flier for Nurses Day action - May 6. (for posting)
    Safe staffing brochure.
    To download, click on links at

    AFL-CIO Nurses: A United Voice for Safe Staffing-
    In an unprecedented action, half a million nurses from seven unions have joined together in the fight for safe staffing for all nurses and patients. Visit their websites for more information:

    United American Nurses - the national labor union for RNs
    AFGE - Veterans
    AFSCME-- United Nurses of America
    AFT-- Healthcare
    Communications Workers of America - healthcare
    SEIU-- Nurse Alliance
    United Food and Commercial Workers - healthcare division.

    links at
    Check site for progress updates, for sample letters and other ways to contact your legislators as the AFL-CIO Nurses: A United Voice for Safe Staffing campaign moves forward.
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