NTI - Capella FlexPath

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    Furthering your education is often the key to advancing in nursing. Have you considered getting your BSN, MSN, MBA? There are many options but flexibility is often the deciding factor. This might be for you...

    NTI - Capella FlexPath

    Capella University is a fully accredited university that offers RN to BSN and RN to MSN completion programs. Could furthering your education expand your career choices? Yes! More and more hospitals and facilities look to the BSN and MSN prepared nurses for management positions, leadership roles and educator positions.

    Capella offers their Flexpath programs which allows you to get your degree on a self-paced track. Shiftwork, family responsibilities, and just life sometimes dictate your educational path. Maybe one semester you CAN take two courses but then you might want to slow down the next semester. Flexpath offers the flexibility to work at your own pace.

    And if you would like to pursue a business degree, Capella offers that too. Combining a nursing degree with a business degree can lead to more opportunities too. It is very important for nurses to be aware of healthcare degree choices.

    allnurses has another great resource for you: Peer Reviews.

    Staff recently attended NTI in Houston and talked with a current student.
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