Now i that i GOT letter!!I CAN"T GO!!! I am so upset:( - page 2

I am so about to cry, but I know that God got this I know he do. Well today i receive a letter from tech college saying i have to report on May 18 for registration for summer, I am like WTF, so i... Read More

  1. by   erikanursenurse
    Relax. Pray and ask God to direct your path. Don't count yourself out just yet. God is always on time. What may seem like bad timing to you can be perfect in the eyes of God. You need to seek him in the midst of this and everything will come together. I personally know ALL about the daycare issue but trust him. He will make a way. GO to the school and calmly tell them about what you are feeling. Believe me your not the only one feeling this way. They may have some answers. Remember that God can make a way out of NO way. I am a witness to that. I've seen him do it again and again and again. Don't underestimate his POWER. Seek him first and everything else will be added unto you. Be blessed and walk in his power.