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I'm suppose to graduate December 22...graduation got postponed due to hurricane Rita went over our area and tore everything up. We were out of school 3 weeks. Anyway...I'm not sure if I going to... Read More

  1. by   Christian_SN
    I Feel For You So Much ! I Too Had That Happen But I Did Fail By 1/100th Of A Pt. -in Other Words I Had A 74.99 And Needed A 75 To Continue. It Was Hell And I Was In Shock That The Teacher Would Even Fail Me For Such A Grade When We Did Reports (with No Grade) And Etc. I Put In A Grade Appeal And Won - Thanks To The Other Teachers!

    I Wish That I Could Say That They Will Let You Grad With The Avg. -- I Guess You Need To Look At Your Teachers. Has This Happened B4? Do They Like You? Have They Said They Will Not Round Up?

    I'll Pray For You, This Is A Hard Time For You. Let Me Know How It Goes.