NLN Pre-Admission Scores

  1. Hello everyone, I just recently found this board.... The nursing school that I will be starting in Jan required us to take the NLN Pre-Adm test... I was just curious as to if any of your schools required the same tests and if so what is the average score you all made,,, I took this same test 5 years ago and made the same score on it... We were required to make a 100 and the most you could make is 200, and I made a 115.... Not the greatest but that test had NOTHING to do with nursing... Thanks to all that respond..
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  3. by   moni rn
    for my program, we have to take the nln pre-admission test, too. for admission, one has to score at least 100 to be even looked at.

    congratulations! on scoring a 115. i took mine back in may and scored 162, or something like that. the only reason i did somewhat well is that i was a mathematics major and i already have a bachelors in sports science.

    you are so right about it having absolutely nothing to do with nursing. i was really disappointed!
  4. by   Forevermomof5
    What is the average score? I know that you at least have to have 100 but what do most people get?

    Just wondering
  5. by   NurzofFaith
    I took the NLN also before applying to nursing school here in Southwestern
    IL. It is required and they used it along with course prereq completion, grade point average and also prior medical experience.

    From what I was told they accepted all those that scored 110 and higher.
    If there were still openings after that then the program took the students with scores closest to 110.

    I scored a 122, I agree it had nothing to do with nursing. The instructors
    said it showed what one learned from all those prereq classes.

    Best of luck to you!!!
  6. by   CarolineRn
    You guys had to take the NLN in order to be accepted to your nursing program? We took ours (the first class who has taken it in our program) about three weeks after the beginning of our first semester. We were told that it was for reference only, and would show us where are weak points are. (Like I don't already know) Well, I started out taking it in earnest, but found that I was having a hard time recalling all the algebraic formulas, and I eventually ended up "christmas treeing" major portions of the test. I can tell you that nearly all of my fellow students did this as well. Since we weren't being graded on it, many of us resented that we missed a clinical day in order to take it. This stupid test took five hours!