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  1. I have a question. Is it me or are these junior colleges asking for a lot of pre. req's. I took two years of pre-med at a four year college out of state ,when i moved to IL. I thought they would take my credits since i was only going to a two year college. I was wrong they had me repeat alot of the same things and got severe tudes when i started asking questions about there methods and policies.Anyway, since i blew alot of money at the idiot school (the College of Lake County) i decided to join the navy and go threw their program. Idon't feel preasured in the decision i made but I do feel that some of these schools and programs are just faulty. Has any one else had a experience like this?
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  4. by   StudentSandra
    How old are the classes you are having to retake? In some places science classes cannot be over 3years old, other places it's 5 and still others it's 7 years. Good luck in your classes.
  5. by   lacher
    it has only been about 2yrs, thats why I don't under stand why thy wouldn't accept my credits. They told me it had somethimng to do about there grading system and then they changed it and said they don't accept lab classes from other schools. I would just have to repeat all of my science classes here.
  6. by   meownsmile
    lacher,, Another Illinoian here, and I think it is the state. I was going to transfer to a 4 year school from a jr. college and was told not to bother taking the science or math classes at the Jr college because the credits wouldnt transfer and I would have to take them again.
    That was a couple years ago, but just recently the 4 year college has reached some type of agreement with the Jr college and will now allow the science and math from the Jr college to transfer.
    I am finishing at the Jr college(cheaper), but will probly start the other school to finish the BSN.
    I did have a good cry though before when i tried to transfer and found out that i would have to repeat nearly a whole year of classes. Another reason i didnt go the 4 year route first. I think its strictly a money thing.
  7. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    That's a good thing to keep in mind when you take any classes. Thier transfer status to other types of schools.
    The key phrase is "articulation agreements"
    In the state of Maryland there are programs that have these agreements with universities. My science credits from my two year program are valid all the way to Johns Hopkins. It took a little digging though. They just didn't give that info to me. The "counselors" at the two year college are well-meaning folks but they don't really have a grasp on the whole educational system.

    The Navy gig will cost you at least 10 years of your personal time (7 years active/3 reserve last time I heard) so get a clear picture of your obligations, IN WRITING, before you ink it.
    There are full ride scholarships that won't obligate you for as long and you have NEVER seen an a-hole doc until you've experienced one with a uniform.

    Anyway, it sounds like you have a world of opportunity in front of you. Good luck.