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HI: I am 32, a mother of three and newly enrolled in nursing RN program. I was wondering if there are any gals out there who would like to email eachother for support. I have always wanted to be... Read More

  1. by   bonster
    It looks like there are lots of us non-traditional (lol) students out there! I am 41 and am also completing my pre-requisites this semester. If all goes well, I will begin the Nursing program this January.

    I have completed all of the sciences (A&P I, II, Microbiology, Chem), and this semester is the easiest for me thus far as I only have 2 courses, Human Growth & Development and Sociology. I thoroughly enjoyed A&P. It was challenging, but I was very interested in the subject matter. I worked at it constantly.

    Here is my email
    I'd love to hear from any fellow student!!

  2. by   GPatty
    Hi! I'm glad you are here! And you'll do wonderful in Nursing School!

    My name is Julie, I'm 38 y/o, married and still have children at home.

    I am currently in LPN clinicals, and May of 2003 will be entering the ADN program at my school. I love school and I love the thought of being a nurse!

    Would love to hear from others who are nursing students!

    My e-mail is

  3. by   shunda
    My name is Shunda and I have 3 boys 8,5. and 3. I am 28 years old and I am going to school at Wallace Community College in Alabama. I am currently taking my pre-requisites and I plan on entering the ADN program in Fall 2002. I am married and I am excited and nervous all at the same time. It just seems like 2004 will never get here. At first I thought about going for the LPN program by it being only a year but then I asked myself what is one more year. I would love to email people and for people to email me. I am a real people person and love to talk to people from all backgrounds and learn all that I can. If anyone would like to talk email me at: