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I'm a brand new college student. I'm 24 years old and I havent been to school since I was 15 yrs. old. (tragedy in family, earned my GED.) I'm a single mom of a 4 year old----and quite frankly, I'm... Read More

  1. by   nrs2be
    hey mel, i'm going straight for my rn, i think its right for some and maybe not others, that has to be your choice, i just knew if i stopped at lpn and tried to go back later i woudnt do it because of age, children and career, thats why i chose to go all the way to rn instead of stopping, but only you know whats right for you hon.
  2. by   Melhohnie
    Nrs2be--- I knew, as well, that if I go for it--I better go all the way. I've procrastinated so much about going to college--and now that I'm finally going--I cant stop---I may slip back into procrastinating. How hard is it really--to get into the nursing program?? I was an "A"-"B" student in high school and after being out of school for 3 years-I never studied for my GED--I just took it. I know that I'm smart enough to do this---I'm just very intimidated by the whole process--because its all new. If I keep an A-B average---are my chances to get in probable?
  3. by   B.T.H
    Hey Melholnie,
    You will find that a lot of us on this board are in the same boat as you. a lot of us haven't been in school for years. I was a 2.0 student in high school and never really cared about school then. But now that I have gone back 17 years later, with two kids and having to work full time, I'm a 4.0 student. You should find that you will do better this time around because your situation and priorities have changed. My wife took 28 credits in the summer and got a 3.8 doing her pre-reqs for the BSN program. You can do it if you prioritize and want it bad enough. Just be ready to pay your due's and never lose focus on your goal. You have a whole network of people on this board striving for the same thing as you if you need advice or support. Good luck, B.T.H
    p.s: if others can do so can you.
  4. by   Mandylpn
    Hi; trying not to quote my age too much but how about being 45 years old and the other students are your kids ages? Most of my best friends are 20 or so, and they have fresher brain cells! You'll love it once you get going, good luck!
  5. by   shirleyTX
    also like you I got my GED, went back to community college. Got into University of texas medical branch without the slightest problem. Just work on keeping a above average GPA mine 3.68 my friend that also got in had a 3.5. Jsut try your best now cause it will reflect on you later.. Take care and good luck
  6. by   Mariannsi
    Good Luck - don't worry just look ahead and before you know it you'll be an RN and looking back and laughing!!!
  7. by   TaraSC
    Originally posted by Melhohnie
    If I keep an A-B average---are my chances to get in probable?
    I think you should become informed about the program (s) that you are interested in. Do research and talk to people that are already in those specific programs. I've found that they have the best information. Also, keep your options open, you may find that you have better chances at a different school. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine!

  8. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Be determined!!! If you "want it" then "get it".

    School processes can be different. Go meet your Nursing Department head. Tell him/her your intentions. Tell them "you" need there help and ask what you need to do to get your name on the list. Ask "when, where and how". Make sure you mark your calendar. Take it step by step.

    You have the same brain that we do... Good Luck!
  9. by   fnimat1
    Just keep saying to yourself, "I will become a nurse...I will become a nurse...I will become a nurse" Have faith in yourself and it will happen. All of us have been scared or have yet to feel that feeling of nervous upon starting nursing school. But at least it's a good feeling. Believe can do it...I'm a 30 yr. old wife and mother to 4 children....and I'm not starting my nursing program until next September....."Keep your eyes on the prize.."

  10. by   camkib
    Originally posted by Melhohnie
    If I keep an A-B average---are my chances to get in probable?

  11. by   ragNZ
    I am in my fourth of five years in getting my nursing degree, one year I got sick with rheumatoid arthritis and had district nurses comming in to bathe me etc, my teenage children would lift me to stand me up, the pain was like Ive never had before. no pain killers would help me. I was still focused on my goal, I have always been a nurse for 26 years since very young, as a second level nurse the jobs are few and nor great wages. This year I have to do two part time papers as the cirriculum has changed in the year I had off. I am not an A student in theory all I strive for is to see a pass, every paper I pass is a little more toward my goal. When the tuff gets going - you keep on going. There is always someone worse off, and nothing happens for no reason. Dont worry about the whats, the what if etc. just do. and before you no it it will be closer to your reach like it is for me now. Good on you. Catch u again.
  12. by   nrs2be
    hey mel, i think it depends on the school you go to. at my school, i made a plan of about how long it would take me to get my pre-reqs out of the way and what year i wanted to start the rn program, make some kind of plan with your nursing counselor and go see her/him every semester to help get you on your way, then when the time comes that you want to start the program you will be ready and you counselor can help. I planned for 2003, got most of my pre-reqs out of the way and my counselor helped alot. my school took 72 nursing students, i was #51. but i got in. so i think it depends on you and your school, how many they accept and to know when your ready, you dont want to pile up pre-reqs on top of nursing, try to get as many pre-reqs out of the way first. you can do it, it has been so well worth it, i feel good about my self, i'm proud of myself and trust me, the feeling i have of accomplish just this far is amazing. i didnt start till i was 30, with kids, working full time and going to school full time, plus husband, house and etc, you can do it girl, i have faith among all the other ladies and gents on this forum. keep your head up and be strong, when you feel your stressed, take a break, take a walk, cook something, i know that sounds funny but it realy does help. I'm here to help out with anything.
  13. by   RNIAM
    For me all I have to say is I will not fail and I don't. I work my fanny off and do the best I can but all the time I say "I will not fail." Besides my family would kill me if I failed but more the point I would never be able to live with myself if I failed. I know I can do it! and so can you!!! Good luck.