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just wanted to say hey everybody. i've been reading these forums for about a month now. i have gotten lots of laughs off the humor discussion and read many interesting posts. i am presently... Read More

  1. by   craff1
    I love this place, although I don't get to browse as much when school is in session! I'm glad you've joined us. By the way, did you read that post from the "older" student just returning to school? I can't remember what board it's on here, but it was really encouraging. A lot of us are older students (not just fresh from high school) with kids and other degrees and careers. There's so much encouragement here. (And an occasional burning at the stake - did I say that?) Anyway, it's a great place and I'm glad I can come here and be a part of it. And I'm glad you decided to as well.
  2. by   Katnip
    Hi Rosemadder, and welcome. This is a good bunch of people to hang with. It's never dull around here.
  3. by   Katnip
    Julielpn, how do you manage????? I've only got three-two teen boys and one preteen girl. How did you survive? Some days I wonder how my kids are going to survive.
  4. by   mPalmer
    Welcome. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. Good luck.