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  1. I got hired in a new position, as admission discharge nurse in a busy med surg dept.
    I had the company orientation, nsg orientation, 1 day of computer orientation. 3 8 hour orientation on the floor. Mainly shadowed the RN the first 8 hour day. I hadn't had a computer class yet. The second floor orientation I basically helped the RN I was with. Heavy patients without an aid. I hung a couple of piggy backs assisted with a discharge and readied myself for my first admit there. Unfortunately the admission was already admitted by the other admissions nurse who started a few weeks before me. We will be working opposite days. I do have experience with doing admissions and discharges from my previous employer and I really liked it. My hospital is going to complete computerized documentation the end of this month and I feel I need to be proficient on the computer in order to complete the admissions in a timely manner. I will still be orienting the next couple of weeks. 12 hour shifts 11am-11pm, I will be orienting with more than one nurse a shift. I really don't have guidelines on what i should be doing with the particular nurse. Should I just take the initiative and seek out admits and discharges on the floor. Spend time on the computer to get more comfortable with it. Sorry this is long, I am kind of stressed out about having to spend so much time learning the ropes of the floor nurse when I just need to get into the flow of doing an admission. Getting my initial assessment done, Nursing history
    Med reconcilliation and personal belongings. Right now this is all documented on paper. The end of the month it will all be on computer.
    I hope this all makes sense to someone and I am not rambling to much.
    Believe it or not but I am excited about this position and want to make it work for this hospital.
    Any suggestions on how to spend my next 12 hour shift?
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  3. by   HJS27
    Get proficient on the computer as soon as you can. Then, you will be able to be a resource for the floor nurses as well. Computer charting can be quite a transition for many.
  4. by   returningnurse2006
    I agree, that makes the most sense.