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    Hello current Nursing Students, as well as those lucky individuals that have already earned their RN wings!

    I will be starting my first semester of Nursing School Sept. 5th. I can honestly say that this is the most afraid/apprehensive I have ever been in my life. I have completed almost all of my pre-reqs (I still have to take Micro.) and I currently have a 4.0 GPA. Believe me, I worked very hard for my grades, but it didn't come easy. My gray matter isn't any better than anyone elses! I just tend to study to the point of pure exhaustion and got used to living on 3+ or - hours of sleep a night! I was diagnosed with Adult ADD about a year ago and I found a system of study that really worked for me in API and APII. I read each chapter, attended lecture/recorded the lecture, transcribed :typing the lecture almost verbatim, highlighted the transcribed lecture notes and studied from them as well. I got A's in both API and APII. I know that Nursing School is going to be overwhelming and almost impossible to keep up with the pace. To make matters worse, we were given a list of 16 chapters that we have to have completed prior to the semester starting. We also have to pass a Dosage Calculations exam with 100%. This would not be a problem, except we were not able to purchase our textbooks until this Tuesday. (I'm sure a lot of you are in the same situation.) To exacerabate the issue, I am not a fast reader. I read my text books differently than I read a novel for pleasure. I tend to study while I read each chapter, this helps me with information retention. I know that I should probably just read through the chapter and worry about studying/full comprehension later, but this is a hard habit to break. So, as a result of the anticipated school work load and my lack of speed when reading all of the required chapters, I know that transcribing lectures is definitely OUT! I have a schedule for reading, studying. As many of you can relate, I also have 2 children, a 6 year old daughter and a 9 year old son, and I sometimes get off track due to family responsibilities etc.

    Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for time management, studying etc?

    Also, can someone please tell me what to expect in Fundamentals especially from Harford Community College, Bel Air, Maryland, but I would certainly welcome any information from other Nursing Programs.

    If you are a first semester Nursing Student, what are your current thoughts and feels as the date approaches for school to begin?

    I look forward to hearing from you and making new friends as I embark on this exciting new journey.

    Your Friend,
    Wendy :angel2:
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    I will be starting my senior year at a Hartford Community College, bet we are talking about the same one Anyhoo, fundamentals were not that bad. I would advise you to read, read, read, and take notes. And don't listen to anyone that says not to. Keep a low profile, and study hard. This is the semester that they lose some students. Some decide that is just to challenging, or too much work envolved. But if your really serious, and want it bad enough, you'll make it. Find a study partner if that works for you, 2 min. otherwise you won't get any studying done. And by all meens keep your grades to yourself!!! As for a study schedule, I have kids too. Select a area in your house that's dedicated to your studying only. Have a preset bed time for the kids like 7 or 8, and stick to it. I know that can be hard, but make every effort. Then use that time to study, no more than 2-3 hours at a time. Take breaks in between. Have a preset bed time for yourself too. It helps, believe me, when your rested everything runs much smoother. I'm sure others will have good ideas to, so I'll stop now, otherwise I'll go on, and on. But I wish all the best to you. Good luck!!!
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    hi, wendy!

    while it sounds like you're probably pretty good at studying since you've made the grades so far, you did ask for tips and suggestions about studying and time management. you will find some at these websites. they are well worth reading and exploring. never know what helpful tips you might pick up that could change things dramatically for you. with time management i've found that making written lists helps me a lot. it's easier to prioritize when i actually see stuff on paper, but that's just me. - strategies for success, an online primer and tutorial on how to study for students from the alamo community college. this is a pretty extensive resource with links on the right side of the page to click into the following subjects: learning styles, note taking, memory techniques, time management, overcoming procrastination, sq3r (a method for getting the most out of reading your textbooks), study tips, critical thinking, preparing for tests, and oral presentations. also, take a look at the faq's (frequently asked questions). - this is a study skill checklist for you to go through and inventory your study habits from virginia polytechnic institute and state university. at the bottom of the form is the link to "study skills self-help information" which is all kinds of information to help you with areas you were weak on in the checklist. if you want to bypass the checklist and just go into the information section, go to this link - study skills for the nursing student from daytona beach community college nursing department with some good advice. - test taking skills also from daytona beach community college nursing department. a couple of sample questions and how to chose the correct answer for these application type questions.

    welcome to allnurses!
  5. by   cherubhrt

    Thank you so much for your insight and congratulations for making it through! I am starting to feel somewhat less nervous as school approaches. It's just a little scary when you don't know what to expect. I remember I felt the same way right before A&P began and I ended up LOVING it! We have Orientation on the 24th. I'm hope that will ease any last jitters I have remaining. Anyway, thanks so much for your response and your recommendations.
    Wendy ^i^
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    Thank you for all the wonderful websites! I will thoroughly check them all out. It's wonderful to see someone like yourself, with 30 years experience, willing to lend your expertise for those of us who are Nursing Students. You are definitely my hero...!:bowingpur I have read several of your other posts and you are exactly the type of Nurse I hope to become. Thanks a million for taking the time to help me.
    Your Friend,
    Wendy :angel2: