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I'm getting ready to take the NET test in February. (Nursing Entrance Test) Can anyone give me some tips on how to study? Thx!:)... Read More

  1. by   Loubell RN 2B
    I just purchased the NET study guide off of for $8.00. I have another book that I have been studying from until now to brush up on my algebra. It has been pretty good so far but I really wanted to know more about the comprehension part though. I usually am pretty good on a test in this section but it never hurts to be really prepared. I will be taking the NET test somtime at the end of February, first of March. Send your good vibes this way as well everyone.....

    Lynda :-)
  2. by   tabbeycatt
    Thanks everyone for all your info. My school had a book and I purchased it for $18. It's the ARCO one. Good luck to all of you in your programs!
  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i bought the book from this site and the author of the book makes the exam for the net exam.
  4. by   tabbeycatt
    thanks Stephany.... I'll check out the website!
    Have you taken the test yet?
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by tabbeycatt
    thanks stephany.... i'll check out the website!
    have you taken the test yet?
    you are welcome.

    yes, i took the net exam last year in may. i will start my 2nd semester of rn clinical next week.

    when are you looking to start your clinical. all the best to you.
  6. by   tabbeycatt
    My school requires a composite score of 100. Does this sound like the same test you took?

    If I get in I'll start nursing classes fall 2003 but not sure when the actual clinicals will start. I have a couple of pre -req's I still need to take next semester so I am hoping I get in for the fall.

    How have your clinicals been so far? Is it a lot of hands on in a hospital setting or are you more in a lab for now? I'm so excited about all that. Can't wait to get out of the class room and do some "hands on" stuff.
  7. by   Loubell RN 2B
    Tabbeycatt, what school will you be attending?

  8. by   tabbeycatt
    I'm attending Southern WV Community and Technical College. If I don't get accepted into their ADN program then I may pursue my bachelor's degree at the University of Charleston. (they don't require an entrance test) But UC is a private school and the tuition is OUTRAGEOUS! Unfortunately that is the closest university to me. I'm married and have a 15 month old son so I can't relocate for school. I really hope to get into SWVCTC's program... I've heard they have an exceptional rating with their students passing the boards.

    What school are you attending? Do you have to take the test?
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  9. by   NurseDixie
    Hi tabbeycat,
    I took Microbiology at UC this past summer. The tuition is outrageous, but at least I passed with a B ( I couldn't pass it at WVU-P). I am in the WVU-P nursing program in Parkersburg. I'll be in Peds,OB,mental health this semester. I dropped Med Surg this past semester, so I'll go back into Med-Surg in Aug. Good Luck. I live in Mason County,WV, about 56 miles from Parkersburg.
  10. by   tabbeycatt
    Hi Doodle.
    Nice to see someone from my neck of the woods! I've heard Micro is a hard one. I plan on taking it in the fall. I have to get chemistry out of the way this semester first. Was your program hard to get accepted into? I didn't know WVU had a program in Parkersburg- that's great! My cousin will be graduating from UC with her ADN in May. I've heard rumors that CAMC Hospital in Charleston is going to start up an ADN program. So maybe there is hope for me yet. Good luck to you !