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Hello to everyone!! I took the Net today. I feel great about the Math, but I didn't finish the Reading. I was wondering if the test is given everywhere on the computer, I would much rather have a... Read More

  1. by   nursing 101
    I took the NET last November (in FL). The guidance counselor said:
    "Oh it's an easy test, it's easier then TABE" But for some reason I felt cautious and took out a GED book for math which is not my strong point. Well when I took that test boy was I shocked it was on a computer and I'm sorry to say that at one point I had to guess the math. They don't give enough time for the amount of math they want you to do. There's fraction, long divisions, percentages and a little bit of algebra. I had to guess most of the geometry. And also math problems as well which weren't so bad.
    I was also surprised of the reading which to me was SAT level reading. And this was for admittance into the LPN program. I did o.k. on the reading which is really my strong point. But alot of people got up in the middle of the test and walked out. I passed with a 70% average. You need a 60% down here.
    I was accepted in the program but decided to go for my BSN. Good luck to anyone who's going to take it.
    Oh and you don't really need a that specific book, a GED book or an SAT book will do the trick.
  2. by   hobbes
    Okay, let me get this straight since I've never heard of this before this thread: You take the NET before getting admitted to nursing school? Why is this not common knowledge? Do other schools require some sort of test to be taken before admission? I'd better check mine to be sure no surprises lurk down the road
  3. by   nursing 101
    Some schools make it a requirement, some don't. I had to take for the LPN entrance but didn't have to for the University I am attending. Most ADN programs do require it to my knowledge and probably all City or State Colleges might too.
    To me I just think it's a system that they use to weed out A LOT of people.
  4. by   RNIAM
    My ADN porgram does not require a test of any kind upon entrance. You have to meet their minimum requirements and that is it. For the LPN program that I applied to as well I had to take an assesment test and score in the upper 75%(which I did but turned it down for the two year school)