need some encouragement!

  1. I have great parents who are supportive but at the end of the day they just don't get nursing School. Ever do poorly? I have, and they'll say stuff like thats okay you can make it up or do extra credit, and in reality nursing School isn't like that! I have my final exam on Monday and im so tired physically, mentally , and emotionally. I have a IGG deficiency so that doesn't help with the run down feeling. I am studying today and over the weekend. I took this class already but failed but this time my average is an A- so im very hopeful that this time things will turn out in my favor. Im just having trouble focusing to study hard. Any encouragement or cheer is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  3. by   stewartfamily2010
    I know. It's so hard to get other people who aren't experiencing it to get it. Maybe you can see a doctor about your energy levels? Hang in there, you can do it!
  4. by   megan005
    It's tough sometimes because people really do not understand ow challenging Nursing school is. Do you have any friends who are also in the program, sometimes a few of us get together and order pizza and study together, its really helpful because your peers get it. When I was having a really rough day I would always just picture what it is going to feel like when you are able to sign RN at the end of you name. As tough as it is Nursing school will be over and you will make it though.
  5. by   picklemouse
    I wanted to leave encouragement but you can't put it better than what Megan005 has. You are gonna be ok.
  6. by   vld123
    I just wanted to say hang in there! You demonstrated that you have the commitment to make it this far, and your A- average shows that you've greatly improved since taking the class last time. Try to relax, take some deep breaths and don't sweat it. You will do just fine!
  7. by   AspiringToRN
    *hugs&hugs* You're doing great!
  8. by   captain_serenity
    keep your eye on the prize
  9. by   squirrel12
    I understand too, my parents think I am uber smart and a really hard worker and I feel like I have a bit of luck on my side and that I just have not been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder yet (LOL). They just do not get nursing school and how it makes you a bit crazy, and stressed while also fulfilling your life. I had a rough spring semester and thought I would not be able to do the work, but I talked to my clinical instructor and a couple of friends and worked as hard as I could and made it. It sounds as though you can make it through as well. You are so close, and you will not give up now. You will take that final and finish strong!

    Go get 'em Lola!
  10. by   dotoriffic
    Sounds like your doing better this time around, an A- is awesome!! Good for you, you can do this!! I am lucky to have other nurses in my family and another still in school so they get it. If you can't get that from your family definitely reach out to others in your classes and of course here on this forum.