Need help with a senior project relating to trauma nursing

  1. Hi. I am a high school student but i am also a dual enrollment student with my state's state college. I am going to college to be a trauma nurse and i need to complete my senior project, this summer so that it is out of my way. I was interested in doing a project on the topic of trauma nursing but i am having a lot of trouble coming up with a good idea. It needs to fill up a 5 page essay and a 5 minute speech/presentation for an administrator.

    Another topic I am interested in would be Emergency Medical Care and Firefighting because I am a firefighter and EMT.

    Your help is appreciated!!

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  3. by   JBudd
    You could introduce the different types of trauma: crush injury, penetrating trauma, shallow wound (road rash), lacerations, closed head injury, burns; with a brief definition of each.
  4. by   Daytonite
    this webpage on the discover nursing website ( has weblinks to sites with descriptions, articles and organizations where you can get information about trauma nursing:

    trauma nursing is a specialty within rn nursing. someone needs to become an rn first by going to and completing any school of rn nursing, taking and passing the nclex exam to become licensed as an rn and then getting a job and more on-the-job training in trauma nursing.

    good luck with your senior project.