need help with my instructor

  1. Hi I am a nursing student and I am having a hard time pleasing my teacher who seems to be harder on me than to others, I get A's in her test just my case study she's so.... brutal in grading them????
    please help
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  4. by   llg
    What makes you think she is being harder on you than on your classmates? Perhaps she just has very high standards for case study grading and is equally hard on everybody.

    I would sit down and review your case studies with your instructor. Ask her to explain her grading and clarify why she is making the deductions and what you need to improve upon. Let her teach you what she wants you to learn and do. That's the first step.
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    And try to learn as much as you can about these. If you will be doing them in subsequent semesters, better you get someone "picky" out the gate than have my situation. I have now had 3 semesters of instructors who were very NOT picky. I am petrified that in my senior year I will get an instructor that will be expecting grand things from us and I will suffer as I didn't have the instructors who really spent time with their students and had high expectations....:uhoh21:

    Good luck!!
  6. by   DaFreak71
    Before you turn in your next case study, sit down with her and ask her to critique it. Make whatever changes she suggests and you'll probably end up with a better grade.:spin:
  7. by   vashtee
    Which portion of the case study are you having problems with?