Need advice from nursing students

  1. HI! I am new here and need some advice. I am a 28 year old mother of two. I currently a teacher but am staying home with my little ones this year. When I entered college I didn't know if I should go into nursing or teaching and decided on teaching. After three years of teaching I am thinking of going back to school at night for an ADN. I really want to go into L&D nursing but don't know if I can handle nursing school. I can handle gushes of fluid and everything associated with births but don't know if I can handle it in other situations. For example(sorry for being so blunt) I can handle poop during a delivery but am not sure about changing people in nursing homes. Also, my husband thinks I should just stick with teaching being I still have student loans. I really want to give nursing school a go, but am worried about the above things. Any advice from those in the trenches would be so appreciated!!
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  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Your viseral feelings are talking Jen. Changing poop ain't so's changing a colostomy. And imagine how you may insult someone if you turn your nose up to them. Consider other peoples feelings too, the ones you might be caring for.

    Best of luck. Plus, from what I am seeing on this BB, many nurses get shocked from their environment and bite each other. What a multi-faceted challenge !!!!!
  4. by   nursedawn67
    Go with your'd be surprised what you learn to put up with. My parents couldn't believe when i went into nursing, I got grossed out by the darndest things...but I seem to handle anything so far...just becomes part of the job. And nursing is such a great field. You can incorporate your teaching into it too.
    Good luck in what you decide.
  5. by   Mkue
    Jen, I would go for the ADN and your teaching degree is just a major PLUS !!

    Good Luck !
  6. by   jhrn
    Thank you for all of the positive replies! I really appreciate your time and thoughts. I definitely would not turn my nose up at anyone, I was just trying to get a feel for if I could handle the ins and outs of nursing -in regards to post number two.

    Thanks again
  7. by   passion
    Hi Jen! I, too, recommend that you go with your heart. If your heart is in nursing, go for it! The field needs people who truly care and really want to be there.
    I think everyone has at least one thing that grosses them out - in terms of bodily functions, etc. I had a pt with bile duct cancer who vomited bile. It stunk and it made me gag - I literally could not control my gag reflex. So I got help immediately. I made sure the pt didn't see me "reacting". I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings.
    I have learned that there is something that we all feel a little (or a lot) queasy about. And I have learned that it is OK to ask for help. Just be willing to help other students/staff when they need it as well.

    If you have any questions or need support or whatever, feel free to PM me.
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  8. by   fnimat1
    Hi Jen,
    Go where you are heart tells you to go. I used to want to be a teacher also. I may still go into education. I was an Early Childhood Education major up until this past December. I had always been fascnated by the nursing profession but I was too afraid. I was afraid that I couldn't hang, that I wouldn't be good enough or not smart enough. I went in to early registration this past December and a little voice in me told me to "Do it!!!" So I went and changed my major and registered for my classes. The good thing about it is that I have taken all of my liberal arts courses while I was an ECE major. I only had 2 pre-req's to take and I'm taking those now. If I do well in these courses this semester and do extremely well on the Entrance Exam, it very likely that I'll be admitted into the Fall 2002 nursing program. I'm very excited!!! I pray that I'll get in. I'm 29, married and a mother to 3 children (2 dd's who are 7 1/2 & 6) and a son who is 15 mths. So I'm pretty busy. I have given so much time to my family and I'll continue to give countless seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years....whew!!!! But I have to give the same equal time to developing me. So I hope you make the best decisision for you.

    "RN 2B in 2004"
  9. by   clintn91180
    Hey Jen, just wanted to add that Nursing might eventually help with student loans, since I know at least here in TX that RN's usually make more than teachers. Just another thing to think about.