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  1. I am currently a nursing student will be graduating in Sept.
    My sister told me today that she talked to someone today who took the test last year and said that the test this year is going to be fill in the blanks!
    I havent heard this, but this has to be wrong?? I thought it was multiple choice???
    Fill in the blanks..are you kidding, how would you remember all that information???
    I will be taking the NY state test, can anyone help me?????
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  3. by   SarasotaRN2b
    I hope not!
  4. by   LadyK82
    I've heard that too, about there now being fill-in-the-blank questions on NCLEX. I think one of our nurisng professors told us that. I think it's pretty scary. If it's true, I wonder if it takes longer to get the results. It seems like they would have to spend time with each individual test & assess the written answers. I hope it's not true..........
  5. by   Tony35NYC

    The new format NCLEX being used by the state boards has included the 'fill in the blank' and 'select all that apply' type questions since last year. Apparently, the computers didn't present many of these types of questions to students who took the test last year because of a gradual phasing-in, but I've heard that students who take the test this year will see more of them.

    Get the book '250 New Format NCLEX questions'. It has some very good examples of what the new type of questions look like. Fill in the blank can be a dosage calculation problem (where you have to type in your answer in a blank space), or it may be an illustration of an organ or body area with a question that asks you to click on the exact area where a certain process takes place. The other new type of question is the sequencing type. This one asks you to prioritize the order in which a given physiological process takes place. It doesn't take longer to get the results because the computer immediately scores each answer as right or wrong, just as before.

    One of my instructors told me that most of the questions are exactly the same type of multiple choice stuff as in the old format, but almost everyone I know has signed up for the Kaplan prep anyway.
  6. by   pvfd060
    I took this directly off of Pearson's web site regarding the NCLEX question formatting:

    "During the administration of the NCLEXRN
    and NCLEX-PN examinations candidates
    will be required to respond to items in a
    variety of formats. These item formats may
    include, but are not limited to: multiple
    choice items that require a single response,
    multiple response items that require more
    than one response, fill-in-the-blank items,
    drag and drop, and chart/exhibit. All item
    formats may include charts, tables, or
    graphic images".

    Also here's the link for the bulletin that is given out before registering/taking the exam

    Hope this helps - and YES it is scary