My professer has a bad attitude - page 2

I have got to test out of this class before he finds a way for me to fail. He wrote in his syllibus that if we don't get below a 90% on our test we don't have to come to class. I haven't gotten below... Read More

  1. by   kittyw
    The prof may just not want to give out the test at the begining of class, and your coming and getting it then leaving may be an interuption. (Sometimes it's hard to get the students to concentrate on the lesson if the old test is in front of them.) Maybe he would prefer to give it to you sometime outside of class hours.

    As for the comment that you should go to the math class anyways ....... for me.... I minored in math (22 credit hours), so all this drug calculation stuff was a breeze and I really wish I could have tested out of it.