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I got a B in Anatomy and a C in Psychology. My GPA went from a 3.0 to a 2.75. Not happy at all!:(... Read More

  1. by   SueBDoo
    I have filled out many, many applications and I have never had to reveal a grade. What matters is that you passed and now you move on. If getting an A is of great concern to you, then it is time to get down to business. In college, A's are difficult to come by, but certainly not impossible. Instructors want to see that you are putting forth the extra effort. Keep on trying.

    Sue LPN
    soon to be RN
  2. by   nessa1982
    You passed, and believe me there are people who dont! If you want o raise your GPA maybe take a few easy classes to pad it. Or maybe study more (this is what I keep telling myself, but its easier said than done)

    Dont be too hard on yourself, sometimes you just end up with one of those teachers who just doesnt want to give out A's or is just a pain in the booty. Ive had teachers who were just plain bad teachers and its hard to get a good grade with a not so good teacher.

    Dont worry youll do better next semester
  3. by   tabbeycatt
    Originally posted by Tigger100S
    I think most people here will agree that a B in A&P is awesome! I think sometimes I get in the whole mindset of getting A's and keeping up the GPA and lose focus on actualy learning and enjoying what I am doing. When we are nurses our GPAs won't mean a thing. Congrats on a sucessful semester, good luck in the future, and don't beat yourself up!
    Gordi, Tigger is right! I think you did great!! A&P was a challenging course and you made it through. With a B and I think that is really good!!

    Don't get discouraged..... you have all of us on your side routing for you! ((hugs))