my brain is about to explode!

  1. This week, I have oral examinations going on. I have a list of 125 questions, some of them very in depth, that I have to write about and also talk about! Basically, what we are told to do is get a copy of notes from someone who has graduated and study those, but somehow we are not supposed to memorize. How that works I don't know, because all I am doing in memorizing! Today, I made it through 23 of the questions, tomorrow, I am supposed to go through #96 and wrap it up sometime on Wed or Thurs! I know I shouldn't have procrastinated, but I just hate rote memorization! I work much better when I can understand and explain the concept instead of parroting back info! Okay my vent is over, I will go back to studying now...

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  3. by   twinmommy+2
    I think what they mean about not memorizing is because you are going to need to know the concept and not just the right answer. If you know the concept then you can turn the information inside and out again if they need you to.
  4. by   leslieanne
    I didn't know that they did oral exams in the states. we have them regularly in Dk. I prefer them because they give you a chance to let them see how much you know, but of course, they open alot of doors to other topics, so you have to be careful not to start rambling and bringing up other topics. I mean that's what your instructors are there for right?
  5. by   angelac1978
    i am in a radiology tech program, not nursing, so that may make a difference in having oral exams. I haven't heard of other rad tech programs having orals though. It's just very stressful, because instead of stressing concepts, which I have a pretty good handle on, minute details and numbers are the focus. I am terrible at remembering numbers, they all run together! Hopefully, I will wrap it up tomorrow and I won't have to go through this stress again until next summer.